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French Silk Chair

Extra care must be taken when cleaning silk, especially when a furniture piece is imported or antique.  Silk can vary from country to country and may be thinner with antique furniture.  It is not recommended that you attempt to clean or remove spots or stains. Instead call the professionals at LaFrance Cleaning Solutions.

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Stains on Haitian Cotton Chair

Haitian cotton is very difficult to clean because it is an unprocessed variety of cotton fiber.  Even a spilled glass of water can cause the dye to be released from the seeds and stems, causing staining. For a novice, trying to clean a small spot on furniture made with Haitian cotton can turn into a catastrophe. [...]

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Removing Pet Hair and Dander

We all love our best friends. No, we aren't talking about people, but our four legged ones.  Cats and dogs are part of our lives and homes, but sometimes they leave behind their fur and dander on our favorite furniture or carpet.  This can be unsightly and potentially cause allergy problems.  So what can you do to [...]

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