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Microfiber is one of the most common types of Materials used in making household furniture today. The microfiber material comes in hundreds of different patterns, material types, qualities and weights. This can lead to problems for the DIY’ers when it comes to cleaning. As with any upholstery fabric, you want to be familiar with the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Microfiber furniture is typically labeled with one of four codes to indicate what can be used to clean it: W is for a water-based cleaning solvent, S is for a water-free solvent, S/W is for either, and X is for neither (i.e. vacuum-only).

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What makes LaFrance the best choice for the cleaning and care of your Microfiber?

Our professionals have not only been trained and certified but have years of experience dealing with cleaning microfiber upholstery. We put your needs first, and we guarantee your satisfaction. Our cleaning crews will explain the process, identify any risks and answer any questions. If we don’t do it right the first time, just call us and we will make it right. LaFrance is trusted by furniture stores and corporations to clean their microfiber furniture. If you want to make sure cleaning your microfiber is the right decision, call us or contact us through our website for a free, personalized estimate for upholstery cleaning services.  Call us today!

Before cleaning it yourself consider this:  Microfiber, like any other fabric, is available in many, many different qualities and weights. Just as some companies use better cotton canvas than others, some use better microfiber than others.

Things to Look for When Considering Cleaning of Microfiber:

1.) Does the fabric feel firm when you run your hand across it, or can you feel every little lump of stuffing? Does the fabric seem to “float” away from the filling? Possibly a cheaper material and may not hold up to amateur cleaning.

2.) Is the fabric loose and does it look SUPER saggy, or just a little? This could indicate the microfiber is worn and special care should be taken to clean.

3.) How tight are the seams sewn? You should not be able to see very clearly any of the threads holding together the seams. If you can, this means the fabric is too thin and the stitches of the seam are too far apart. Not good workmanship. Be very careful, damage to the stitching can cause severe problems

4.) Is the furniture treated with Scotchgard or some other protective treatment?  This is important in the ability to clean the furniture.

We can clean all types of Microfiber Furniture:

professional microfiber sectional sofa cleaning  Microfiber Sectional Sofa
professional microfiber upholstery cleaning  Microfiber Chairs
professional microfiber upholstery cleaning  Microfiber Recliners
microfiber cleaning  Ottomans, Stools, Love Seats and Other Microfiber Fabric Furniture

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Pretty much as advertised. Carpet came back very slightly damp but was arguably cleaner than when we bought it (if that's possible). Awesome job and will refer!

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LaFrance Cleaning Solutions has been helping keep carpets clean for over 20 years. We have the tools and the people to make sure your carpets, rugs, and upholstery are cleaned right. We offer a variety of cleaning services, including:

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