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When it comes to cleaning velvet, there is one main factor that needs to be considered: is the velvet a modern day synthetic velvet (velveteen) or is it actual real velvet?  Synthetic velvet can be cleaned with modern day cleaning methods. Actual velvet fabric, which is made of cotton, wool, silk or a combination of those natural fibers, is delicate and requires special care.  Of the velvet types, cotton velvet is especially problematic, and the Do-It-Yourselfers using the wrong method could ruin beautiful velvet furniture. Instead trust the professionals at LaFrance Cleaning Solutions, as we have cleaned all types of velvet furniture, including antique velvet and historical furniture.

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What makes LaFrance the best choice for the cleaning and care of your velvet fabric upholstery?

Our professionals have not only been trained and certified but have years of experience dealing with cleaning velvet upholstery . We put your needs first, and we guarantee your satisfaction. Our cleaning crews will explain the process, identify any risks and answer any questions. LaFrance is trusted by antique dealers and historical societies to clean their finest pieces. If you want to make sure cleaning your velvet upholstery is the right decision, call us or contact us through our website for a free, personalized estimate for upholstery cleaning services. Call us today!

Before cleaning it yourself consider this: Velvet has a particular weave that is very soft to the touch. If not cleaned properly, it can appear damaged. Crushed velvet has been chemically treated to lay in certain patterns. Once wet cleaned, the crushed look will disappear. Remember, velvet is a fabric, and the most important thing is the fiber.

Two great tips for Velvet Fabric:

1.) Do Not Blot Too Hard:  When dealing with a spill on your favorite velvet fabric, avoid blotting the spot too hard.  We never recommend rubbing, but even blotting too hard will only press the stain deeper into the fabric. Instead use a white towel and blot lightly.  Be sure to change the towel regularly, as this will allow the spot to continually wick up into the clean towel fabric.

2.) Vacuum Regularly:  Velvet upholstery should be vacuumed weekly, at a minimum, to remove soiling on the exterior of the fabric. If dirt seeps into the fibers of the velvet, it can become embedded, which will cause a great deal of damage to your furniture.

We can clean fine velvet fabric upholstered furniture

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Pretty much as advertised. Carpet came back very slightly damp but was arguably cleaner than when we bought it (if that's possible). Awesome job and will refer!

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