Dealing with Tough Coffee Stains

//Dealing with Tough Coffee Stains

Dealing with Tough Coffee Stains

Not all carpet stains will come out 100%, and coffee is one of them.  There are a couple of things you can do that will help in dealing with a stubborn coffee stain.

What to do with the coffee stain

  1. Act Quickly! Prompt cleanup is ideal – Don’t wait, get some paper towels or a white cloth.
  2. Is the Coffee Stain wet or has it dried? – If WET, quickly use a white towel to BLOT! (Lay cloth flat on the stain and use your hand to push down, causing towel to wick up the coffee stain.) DO NOT RUB! Rubbing will cause the fibers to tear apart and do more damage than good. If DRIED: Removing the stain yourself is extremely hard, leave it to LaFrance professional cleaners.
  3. Large Coffee Stain – If you have a wet/dry vacuum handy use that to suck up the excess coffee.  Avoid rubbing the attachment back and forth; instead use the hand tool to hold over (Blotting) the coffee stain, allowing the vacuum pull up the excess moisture.
  4. Clean towel and water – Using a clean towel and fresh water, place a damp towel over the stain area, again blot the stain.  You should start to see the white towel turn brown.  Rinse the towel and repeat, possibly many times.  If the stain has disappeared, great job.  If not, place a damp towel over the stain and call LaFrance.

Some Facts about Coffee Stains

  1. Was the Coffee Hot or Cold? – Hot coffee will penetrate the fibers faster.  Heat is used when the carpet is dyed at the manufactures.  The heat, in this case from the coffee, causes the fibers to open back up and accept the coffee tannin.  At this point, both the original dye and coffee stain are competing to show through.
  2. White or colored carpet? – White carpet has no dye in it.  The coffee will act like a dye and penetrate into the fibers of the carpet; the result is a tough coffee stain.
  3. Stain Resistant or Scotch Guard – If you have either of these, getting the stain up will be much easier.  Avoid using any carpet cleaning product as it will most likely remove the stain resistance.  If you do not have scotch guard, be sure to call LaFrance Cleaning Solutions to find out if Scotch Guard is the right solution for you.
  4. Proceed with Caution – Be careful when following DIY (Do it yourself) instruction found on the web. Harsh chemicals and even overly soapy water may remove any form of stain resistance your carpet contains.

If all else fails, LaFrance Carpet Cleaning Professionals will be able to apply the best cleaning method to remove the stain. Not all stains can be completely removed, as each carpet and stain is different. Call LaFrance as soon as you can to schedule one of our professional technicians to help remove the coffee stain.

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