Removing Pet Hair and Dander

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Removing Pet Hair and Dander

We all love our best friends. No, we aren’t talking about people, but our four legged ones.  Cats and dogs are part of our lives and homes, but sometimes they leave behind their fur and dander on our favorite furniture or carpet.  This can be unsightly and potentially cause allergy problems.  So what can you do to remove pet hair or dander from your upholstery?  LaFrance Cleaning Solutions has a couple of tips that might help you out.

Prevention – An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  While we are not experts when it comes to animals, there are some common sense things you can do. Maintenance tasks such as grooming or bathing your animal regularly, changing or cleaning your furnace filter, or simply putting a nice blanket where you pet likes to lay can all help.  All these things might help cut down on the amount of dander and hair that gets onto your furniture or carpet.  Once it’s there though, that’s a different story.

Cleaning – Removing pet hair and dander from upholstery or carpet:

  1. There are many products and methods on the market that you can use to remove the pet hair from upholstery. Here are just a few that have worked for our customers:

    1. Barely dampen a clean, regular kitchen sponge. To remove cat hair from your furniture, take the damp sponge and brush it one way across the fabric. It helps ball up the hair so that you can just pick it off the sponge. Try a sponge mop if you’re removing pet hair from a low-pile carpet, in which case the floor should be thoroughly vacuumed first. Rub the fabric, upholstery, or carpet with the sponge. The fur should roll up into clumps that you can pick off by hand.
    2. Using a rubber dish washing glove, put the glove on and moisten it.  Next rub down the piece of furniture; this should pick up the hair easily.
    3. Get a specialty brush that is made to remove pet hair from upholstery.

  2. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. But make sure your vacuum has a HEPA filter on it, otherwise the pat dander just gets blown around the house.
  3. To truly get your furniture clean from pet hair and dander, you are going to have to get it professional cleaned.  LaFrance’s cleaning equipment can penetrate down deep into the fabric to remove the pet dander and hair that may be left behind with a conventional vacuum.

So if you love your best friend but you’re just tired of the hair and dander, call LaFrance Cleaning Solutions to schedule your next professional cleaning.

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